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Спасибо за покупку 

Cash Games Basic

Capped to 75 000 requests tota (no API access)l, 6 max PokerStars Zoom 500 structure (5% rake, 0.6bb cap) and 5% rake, 0.4bb cap solutions, 6max stacksizes - 40bb-100bb (100bb is completely covered), Preflop solved with MonkerSolver - 80+ buckets, P/L/L, Postflop solved with PioSolver/Jesolver - 0.9% exploitability for SRP/Limp pots, <0.5% exploitability for 3b/4b/5b pots, Heads Up spots from all 6max combinations, Heads Up sims rake -- 5% rake, 0.3bb cap, Heads Up stack sizes: 20bb, 30bb, 40bb, 50bb, 60bb, 70bb, 80bb, 100bb, 150bb, 200bb, Access to all new additions!, SAVE 65 euro, Secure current price and access to all new cash games sims added for the next 6 months

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