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Часто Задаваемые Вопросы

  • What is CheckMath?
    CheckMath is a training tool for Texas Hold’em Poker. Get instant multi-sizing GTO strategy for 450+ of spots where 2 players are involved in a hand (Heads Up or 6max). From Preflop to the River. Forget about waiting 10+ minutes for a flop solution in any Poker Solver. Forget about manually importing and storing ranges for endless situations and sizings. If our database is not big or good enough for you, you can also import your own solutions and use them locally side by side with ours.
  • What is the rake structure in Preflop sims?
    Monkersolver ranges are solved for 500 zoom on Pokerstars rake structure - 5% rake, 0.6bb cap. Non-Monkersolver ranges are solved with 5% rake, 0.4bb cap. HU-MTT solutions (12.5% ante) have no rake. We will be adding higher rake solutions in the near future (will start with ~zoom100 rake structure, potentially go even lower later on).
  • What kind of coaching do you offer?
    1 hour of coaching can be in a form of: -Checkmath guide and the most efficient ways of using it. -Leaks finder - database review. -Recorded playing session review. -Selected Hand Histories review. -Live play review. Coach is a winning (~4.5 bb/100 winrate) mid-stakes player. For details - contact us on
  • Do you offer API? Can I get access to Checkmath database without software?
    Yes, it is possible. We can offer API, price would be based on the amount of requests you make. Contact us for more details.
  • Payment options. What if I don't have PayPal?
    Contact us (Email, Skype - In general - Bitcoin, Skrill, Neteller, Webmoney are doable, but will be processed manually whithin 24 hours.
  • Is is possible to use CheckMath with open poker client?
    Because of it’s quick solutions for most of the scenarios, using CheckMath while playing will give you enormous unfair advantage over the opposition. So we made it impossible to run Checkmath if there is open poker client detected on the same device.
  • What does it mean to import own solutions? Should I send it somewhere?
    You can integrate your own Pio solutions into Checkmath interface and use them side by side with our database. You don't need to send them, just specify path to these solutions on your computer and it's properties. After you do it, you will be able to find relevant solution by entering any suits and not only suits that you initially solved. If you don't have full 1755 flops in your solved spot and enter some board you don't have -- Checkmath will suggest similar flop for your choice.
  • I have my own solutions, but not Pio saves. Can I import them?"
    As of today, you can only integrate Pio/Jesolver saves (*.cfr) into CheckMath and use them side by side with our solutions. Additionally, you if your saves are very big, you can cache flops for quick access.
  • What is the difference in Basic/Full versions?
    In Basic version, you can browse pre calculated results for various stack sizes, ranges and sizings. You can also download and view aggregated reports for different situations for all present spots (450+ of them as of 29.07.2020) In Full version, in addition to Basic features, you can recalculate the strategy at any given time with any sizing, it’s fully customizable. You can also import your own solutions into Checkmath and use them side by side with our database.
  • What game types these solutions are applicable to?
    1) Heads Up games. 2) Any format of cash games 6max or 9max. 3) Deep stack tournaments. Heads Up cash and shorthanded cash games are the best fit since wide ranges (BTNvBB, COvBB, BlindvBlind) have biggest variety of preflop sizings and ranges calculated.
  • Are there solutions for Heads Up game?
    Yes, we've got solutions for various stack sizes and our database will only keep growing! We also have HU-MTT solutions for 12.5% ante, no rake enviroment. Check available stack sizes in the software itself or on Pricing page.
  • Where can I see all available solutions?
    After loggin in to Checkmath software - click on "Solutions" -> then "View Checkmath Solutions List"
  • Are there solutions for multiway spots?
    No and there are couple of reasons for that. First of all, playing GTO in 3+ way spots may lead to -EV decisions if someone deviates from GTO. Besides, in NL Holdem these spots don't come up very often and solving additional sizings and defense ranges for HU spots has more value.
  • I would like to see some specific StackSize/Range/Sizing solution. Can you add it?
    If you have CheckMath Full subscription, provide us with details of your desired solution at, and we’ll gladly put your solution request at the top of the list for next additions.
  • Is there any tutorial?
  • I have CheckMath Basic, but want to upgrade to CheckMath Full. Can I do it?"
    Yes you can, it will cost the difference in price. In order to do it, please contact us at
  • Is it possible to use CheckMath on multiple computers?
    Yes, 1 license gets you 2 activations on different computers.
  • I have active CheckMath subscription, but can’t deactivate it to use on new computer, what should I do?"
    Email for now. Online deactivation will be available in a short time...
  • What are computer requirements for CheckMath?
    For CheckMath Basic there are minimum PC requirements - Windows OS, Java 8 and Internet Connection. For Pro version, see hardware recommendations on PioSolver site ( 9. What hardware is recommended for optimal use of PioSOLVER?) :
  • I have another Holdem solver rather than PioSolver/JeSolver. Is it possible to use FULL version of CheckMath?
    As of today, unfortunately, no. We only use PioSolver/JeSolver engine for postflop recalculations. You can still use CheckMath Basic version though.
  • What are “custom recalc settings” in the Hand’s window?
    It is a quick way of adding 1 (and only 1) sizing for current street and adding it to saved template for current spot. Imagine you are in the situation where you are IP on the Turn and face 10% pot-sized bet. But you only pre saved 50%,100%, 150% in recalculation settings for this spot. You can write 10 in the “OOP bet” on the Turn, run Recalculate and it will return a result for (10%, 50%, 100%, 150%) bets, effectively adding new sizing to the pre saved sizing’s template. CheckMath is all about speed of getting relevant results.
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